Community Contributions

At Pentaho, we believe that our community is our greatest asset. Your contributions are a large part of the Pentaho success story, and we don't take that lightly! There are so many opportunities for any community member to contribute to the Pentaho project, many that often get overlooked in your typical open source project. Take a look at Getting Involved, you'll see what I mean. And you could possibly get some great ideas about where you can make a difference in the Pentaho BI Platform.

The following list is one way we like to say thank you to our community contributors - each member is recognized here for the valuable contributions provided to the Pentaho BI Platform. Each contributor is also recognized in the release notes for the release in which their contribution appears.

Pentaho Data Integration (aka KETTLE) Contributors

  • Apple Chen Ping, China, added database pooling to Kettle
  • Andy Ziegler of Proratio GmbH, Germany, German localization
  • Chan Audin, China, Repository importer fixes; various Text File Input fixes
  • Andrew Hoesley, USA, Reworked Job Entry Plugin system; improved Text File Input
  • Sven Boden, Belgium, Unit tests, Code review, verifications & hardening; lookup improvements and GUI changes; Various bug fixes
  • Iv Vitoe, China, Various I18N improvements
  • Bo Conroy, USA, New Blocking step; Various improvements and bug fixes; General Java advice and proposals
  • Wim De Clercq, Belgium, Parameterizing database connections; Implementation of file; General java advice
  • Bernardo Arlandis Mañó of TSolució, Spain, Spanish localization
  • Etienne Dubé of Department of Geomatic Sciences, Laval University, Quebec, Canada, various bug finds and fixes
  • Hui "Tom" Qin , China, Chinese localization and blogging
  • Dennis Vanroeyen of Ixor, Belgium,  Enhanced test file and excel input error handling, bug fixes, replay functionality,  JUnit and use cases
  • Johnny Vanhentenryk of Ixor, Belgium,  Enhanced test file and excel input error handling, bug fixes, replay functionality,  JUnit and use cases
  • Jens Bleuel of Proratio GmbH,  Germany, German localization, bug finding and fixing, registered Kettle presentation for Linuxtag
  • Steven Lehr, Florida, USA, weekly KETTLE tips
  • James Dixon, Florida, USA,  fix for XMLInputDialog
  • Gunjan Shah of Persistent Systems, India. Contributed the encrypt/decrypt plugin

Pentaho OLAP Server(aka Mondrian) Contributors

  • Chris Webb, UK, MDX Calculation technical articles
  • Raúl Micharet of SADIEL, Badajoz, Spain, MDX forum support
  • Benny Chow, CA USA, Added OLAP function
  • Andreas Voss, Frankfurt, Germany, Bug fix in native SQL generation against virtual cubes
  • Mike Pollard of SUPRA Server SQL Engineering and Support, Cincom Systems, Inc., Adding comment support to Mondrian (MDX comment support)
  • Gang Chen of Shanghai Bokesoft Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China, lots of fixes, XML/A support
  • Anton Nikitin of Otido, Ltd., Saint-Petersburg, Russia,  XML/A fixes

Pentaho Reporting (aka JFreeReport) Contributors

  • Cedric Pronzato, France, various contributions
  • Ilkka Priha of The Norther Organization, Finland, html and pdf export
  • George Hatzisymeon of Nomitech, Athens, Greece, Greek translation

Pentaho Open BI Suite Contributors

  • Ezequiel Cuellar, Number Six Software, Orlando FL, bug fixes in the BI Server runtime engine
  • Melanie Crouch of Parts Depot, Inc., Virginia USA, SQLUpdateRule component and improvements to analysis views
  • Denis Borenstein, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, translation of Pentaho web site
  • Fabrizio Madorin of Kybernetics Consulting, Brazil, Portuguese translation
  • John Ridley of Touchstone Monitoring Limited, United Kingdom, BIRT upgrade
  • Stephane Paquet, France, blogging on Pentaho under Glassfish with LifeRay
  • Ron Troyer, Colorado,  USA, New chart types and chart support
  • Gunter Rombauts, Chicago Metallic Continental, Chicago Metallic Continental, Belgium, bug fix
  • Radek Maciaszek of M3 Media Services, London, multiworksheet Excel JasperReports patch, SQLExecute component
  • Nicolas Richeton of, Paris, France, patch for Messages
  • Giuseppe "Pino" Decandia of Two Heads srl, Torino, Italy, report wizard bug fix, translations
  • Stephen Mallette of ProLink Services, Vienna, Virginia USA, fix to PentahoURLTagFragmentGenerator
  • Roland Bouman, Certification Developer, MySQL A.B., blogs and website fixes
  • Nicholas Guzaldo,, IN USA, documentation, community and forum support
  • Charlie White, Members United Corporate FCU, NY USA, bug reports for
  • Lee Mewshaw, Red Hat, Raleigh, NC  USA, technical tip
  • Bruno Fonte, IT Consultant, Portugal, forum support
  • Reto Trinkler of Basis06 AG , Switzerland, ch domain
  • Luis A. Fdez. de Retana Aguirre, Huelva, Spain, Spanish translation
  • Giorgio Gallo, Vicenza, Italy, QA'ing the SDK
  • Florian Pohlmann, Hamburg, Germany, bug submission and fix for JPivot
  • Hui "Tom" Qin , China, Simplified Chinese translation of the platform
  • Megan Wang, China, Simplified Chinese translation of Pentaho documentation 
  • Jon Benson, Minnesota, US, bug submissions
  • Bruno Lucas, France, French translation of the platform
  • Gerhard Wessels, South Africa, various bug submissions and requirements feedback
  • Bart Maertens, Belgium, Dutch translation of the platform
  • Valerio Summo, Italy, WebSphere deployment tips
  • Francesco Arcieri, Italy, WebSphere deployment tips
  • Doug Thompson, Michigan, US, bug fixes in the xform transformation layer
  • Ranjeet Raichandani, India, bug fix for web services
  • Daniel Libensky, New York, US, documentation corrections
  • Cyril King, UK, bug fix in sample solutions
  • Arijit Chatterjee of Persistent Systems, India. Added query timeout capability and documentation