CTools are a set of tools and components created to help you build Custom Dashboards on top of Pentaho. There are specific CTools for different purposes. Check the full list below for more info.

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  • Open Source and free to use cross-platform tools for Business Intelligence solutions creation;
  • Focused on Pentaho and its community, the CTools work on both Pentaho Enterprise and Community Editions;
  • CTools Dashboards render perfectly on traditional desktop devices, mobile and large formats;
  • All CTools plugins are provided with extensive high quality documentation, making the learning process easier;
  • The whole interface and environment are fully customizable, so you can optimize it to fit your personal taste;
  • The open source platform thrives on participation and cooperation, meaning all the users can give their own contribute;
  • CTools are under a rapid release cycle, being updated and revised every six weeks.



Think you found a bug? Report it! We might not know about it and it's the simplest way to help with the project.
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The CTools project is hosted on GitHub, so you're free to get the source, start coding and submit it for the community.
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Build Plugins

Can't find a feature you're looking for? Start building it! We'll help you with the process and then submit it back to the community.
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Once you have your own plug-in, why not tell the whole world about it? Pentaho Marketplace is a direct way to get visibility for your work.
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