Version: 16.01.22
License: MPLv2
Available in: Marketplace

CDC allows high-performance and scalable + distributed memory clustering cache based on Hazelcast for both CDA and Mondrian. CDC main features are:

  • CDA distributed cache support;
  • selectively clear the cache of specific schemas / cubes / dimensions of Mondrian cubes;
  • ability to switch between default and CDC cache for CDA and Mondrian;
  • gracefully handles adding / removing new cache nodes;
  • mondrian distributed cache support;
  • provides an API to clean the cache from the outside (e.g.: after running ETL);
  • provides a view over cluster status;
  • supports several memory configuration options.

Credits: Webdetails Team, Lead - Pedro Alves

  • Overview
  • Cluster Info
  • Clean Cache