Version: 16.01.22
License: MPLv2
Available in: Marketplace

CGG is a Pentaho plugin that allows the user to export CCC/CDE charts as images, enabling the inclusion of CDE charts inside Pentaho reports. Quite simply, this plugin is able to render, on server-side, exactly the same chart that is rendered on the browser by CDE/CDF. CGG main features include:

  • seamless integration with CDE;
  • exposes the chart as an url, so you can use your chart exports wherever you can embed a link;
  • can be used to render custom-made SVG transformations and to render JavaScript files on server-side and output them as images;
  • runs a CCC chart definition on server-side and outputs the chart as an image or as a SVG file.

Credits: Webdetails Team, Lead - Pedro Alves

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