License: MPLv2
Available in: Marketplace

CST is the easiest way to define and implement the Pentaho startup tabs depending on the user that logs into the PUC (Pentaho User Console).

  • Provides an easier way to set different startup tabs for each user that logs into the PUC, based on its username or role;
  • Allows you to specify usernames or roles using regular expressions.

Ranging from a single institutional page to a list of dashboards or reports, among other contents, the tabs opened to each Pentaho User after logging into the PUC vary depending on the user preferences or his/her role in the company. Then why should we let Pentaho open always the same content for everyone?
Thanks to CST, the list of tabs opened right after the login can be automatically different, depending on the user profile.

Credits: Webdetails Team, Lead - Pedro Alves Sponsor: St. Antonius

  • Overview
  • Configuration File
  • Example