Pentaho Web-based Ad Hoc Query and Reporting FAQ

What is Pentaho Web-based Ad Hoc Query and Reporting?

Pentaho web-based ad hoc query and reporting is a capability that extends Pentaho Reporting to provide end-user self-service for report creation.

How does it work?

Web-based ad hoc query and reporting provides a browser-based wizard that allows end-users to create their own reports. The wizard uses web services and components in the Pentaho platform to utilize metadata models that have been published from the Pentaho metadata editor. Pentaho metadata allows the content of the reporting database to be presented to business users in familiar business terms. Reports created by users use metadata queries to define the data that user wants to see. These metadata queries are translated into SQL every time a report is run so any changes to the database are hidden from the users.

How is this feature licensed?

Pentaho Web-based Ad Hoc Query and Reporting is available as part of the Pentaho BI Platform. The most recent Generally Available (GA) release of the Pentaho BI Platform 1.7 was released under the Mozilla Public License (MPL). The first release of source code for Pentaho BI Platform version 2 has been released under GPLv2. Future development and GA versions of the Pentaho BI Platform version 2 and later will also be released under GPLv2.

How do I obtain technical support for it?

Professional support is available as part of an annual subscription for Pentaho Reporting or Pentaho BI Suite.

What versions of the Pentaho BI Platform or Pentaho Reporting (JFreeReport) are required?

Pentaho BI Platform 1.6.0 GA or later and Pentaho Reporting (JFreeReport) or later.

Who is the target audience for this capability?

This feature was developed for non-technical, business users who want self-service reporting without having to understand relational database schemas and concepts. It is also designed for administrators who want to allow end-user self-service for reporting, while centrally controlling security and data access.

Is this feature available in the open source version of the Pentaho BI Platform

Yes. Pentaho continues to actively sponsor and enhance the Pentaho Open BI Platform and to deliver best-in-class open source reporting capabilities. Since the beginning of 2006, Pentaho has contributed platform integration, a graphical report design wizard, Pentaho Report Designer (power user drag-and-drop design environment for report creation), MDX support, and numerous bug fixes to Pentaho Reporting (JFreeReport).

Does this new capability work with third-party reporting engines?


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