Get the Source Code

Using the Project Repository

Here you will find the live source control system that holds the Pentaho open source code, available to you with anonymous read access. The projects you can find in this repository are:

  • The Pentaho BI platform, and all projects needed to debug within the PCI
  • The Pentaho Design Studio
  • The Pentaho Report Designer
  • The Pentaho Report Design Wizard
  • Pentaho Data integration (Kettle)
  • Pentaho Report Engine (JFreeReport)

Go to for instructions on how to get the Mondrian code.

Getting the Source From Subversion

We use Subversion as our source code control system. If you are not familiar with Subversion, check out their web site for details about the system before you dive in here. If you are not familiar with Subversion, but have used CVS, you should have no problem with Subversion, as it is being built as a replacement to CVS, minus CVS's frustrations.

The following URLs are the locations for the various Pentaho projects available in the repository. Following the Subversion standard, each project contains three directories: branches, tags, and trunk.

Trunk - The latest code is in the trunk directory. This is usually the location you want use for development.

Branches - Previously released versions are in subdirectories under the branches directory. This is useful if you are debugging an older released version of the software.

Tags - Tagged versions of previous builds are located here. This is useful if you need the source code for a specific build including the nightly builds.

Note: All of the subversion projects are also available via HTTP. Simply replace svn:// with http:// and you can browse the source tree in your browser. You may also need to use the http protocol if your firewall blocks the svn protocol.


Platform Projects and Client Tools
BI Server, Sample Data and Sample Solutions
BI Server Plug-ins
Legacy (Pre 2.0) BI Server
Pentaho Open Admin Console
Design Studio
Core: svn://
Action Sequence Plugin:
IDE Windows: svn://
IDE Linux: svn://
IDE Mac: svn://
Report Designer
Pentaho Metadata
Editor: svn://
Metadata: svn://
Aggregation Designer
Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle)
Pentaho Report Engine (JFreeReport)

Developing in the Pentaho Projects

The Pentaho dev team uses Eclipse as their IDE, with the Subclipse plug-in for Eclipse to manage the projects out of the Subversion repository. 

To learn more about developing in these projects most effectively using Eclipse, go to

We are always looking for ways to refine the development process and make it easier for our community to contribute. Please send suggestions, ideas, and solutions to any major annoyances to