Getting Involved
Open Source delivers better products faster because of the strength of an active community - developers, testers, writers, implementers and most of all users. No matter which ‘er’ you happen to be or what phase of implementation you are in, you can make valuable contributions.

Not sure where to start? Click here to see a sixteen minute presentation about the Pentaho architecture, then look over the list of possible avenues for contribution listed below.

For more details on contribution process, go to

Provide Input

  • Check out the online content about the project and its direction.
  • Give the benefit of your experience, interests, and requirements, and you’ll help produce products that really fit your needs.
  • Give feedback on the project and your requirements.
  • Talk about the BI problems you need to solve.
  • Share your experience with other BI products.
  • Provide input into product roadmaps.
  • Take part in online polls.

Try It Out

  • Download and test-drive the platform in your environment. Discuss your issues and ideas – pick up the improvements as they are coded.
  • Check out the samples, tutorials and how-to content.
  • Test new releases and help debug issues.
  • Ask and answer questions on the forums.
  • Prototype your BI project using Pentaho BI Platform

Go Live

  • Deploy the platform into production for yourself or your customers.
  • Share samples - content, data, best practices.
  • Grow your projects at your own pace.
  • Provide sample data, create templates, examples and demos.
  • Tell us how the platform was used to solved your BI needs.
  • Report bugs and vote for features.
  • Sponsor feature development.
  • Take advantage of our professional services: support, training, consulting.

Join In

  • Get credit for submitting new code or documentation.
  • Find and fix bugs or implement features and you’ll help produce products that really fit your needs.
  • Collaborate on tutorials and documentation
  • Develop new features
  • Provide committers - full or part time Java developers or translators.

Bring It Home

  • Create a Pentaho Community in your country.
  • Translate the white paper, samples and web site into your language.
  • Internationalize the product for your language and culture.
  • Start a forum in your language.
  • Organize a user group or provide support or services in your region.

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