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Marketplace in Pentaho 6.0+

If you're using the Community Edition of Pentaho 6.0+ you don't have to worry about this - Marketplace comes with it and it's ready to be used.
If you have Pentaho 6.0+ Enterprise Edition and go to Marketplace Public Site to try to download the Marketplace plugin, you'll see it's not there.
The reason for that? It's an OSGi plugin and you already have it, but it comes disabled by default. Here are the instructions on how to enable it:

  1. Edit the file
  2. Find the key "featuresBoot" and add the feature "pentaho-marketplace". That line will then be something like:

Restart your server, and you're done!

Marketplace in Pentaho 5.4

Just unzip the marketplace folder in your /system/ folder, restart your server and you're done.

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